A Hero Without a Cape: Panamanian Doctor’s Life-Saving Act Goes Viral in Italy, Urges Education on First Aid

On a highway in Italy, a man’s life was saved thanks to the quick intervention of Panamanian doctor Rubén Escobar. While driving, Escobar witnessed a dramatic moment: a driver suffered a cardiac arrest, his car swerving uncontrollably while a woman tried to stop it.

Without hesitation, Escobar and other passersby stopped and provided assistance. Upon opening the car door, he realized the man had no pulse and was in cardiac arrest. Acting swiftly and with knowledge, he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), thus saving his life.

Escobar’s brave actions did not go unnoticed. His story went viral, capturing the attention of Italian media, who highlighted his bravery and dedication. The man’s family also contacted him to express their profound gratitude.

For Escobar, this experience reinforces the importance of knowing first aid. In his own words, “It is crucial that we all have basic knowledge of life support. It should be an integral part of education in schools.”

Despite his heroic actions, Escobar does not yet have a work permit in Italy, where he moved in December to pursue his dream of practicing medicine. He speaks Italian and English and hopes to be able to work soon in the field of primary care.

A true example of dedication and courage! Escobar reminds us that we can all be heroes in times of need.

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