Discover the Panama Crossroads Festival!

From February 29th to March 3rd, 2024, enjoy music, workshops, and local gastronomy in Amador and the Casco Antiguo of Panama City. Over 30 national and international musicians will take the stage, including artists like Fiona Kraft, Kotoe, and Emmanuel Jal, at two simultaneous parties at Buena Vaina Club and Teatro El Dorado.

In its second edition, the festival incorporates the Gastro Fest, highlighting the diversity of Panamanian cuisine through two dinners prepared by innovative local chefs. Andrea Pinzón, chef of Baran Blü, promotes the value of local vegetable products, while Carlos Alba, ‘Chombolín’, offers a product-driven cuisine influenced by the Caribbean.

The festival will also include wellness activities such as the Dynamics I Am You, functional breathing exercise, and immersion in an ice bath, guided by Felipe Galvis. Additionally, there will be workshops on the cultural and entertainment industry, with the participation of members of the Berlin Clubs Commission.

Don’t miss this unique experience at Panama Crossroads, where music, gastronomy, and well-being come together to celebrate Panamanian identity and promote culture and creativity!

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